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New Server X50: CashBack for x9999 Donators

We are happy to announce our CashBack System.
Its normal in a Server have different versions (x500, x9999, etc etc).
Its not normal make a you, our Player, pay infinite times to play our server.

With CashBack System, you Donate once and can play ActionMU forever.
If we open 50 servers, you can use your donate in 50 servers.
Awesome, right?

Well, the system is easy.
You are old Player from Server x9999, and you donated.
Server x50 are going to open this 30.October, and you can use your credits here to play.


1. Login in game, with same account (dont need register again, use same account x9999).
Automatically will appear that you have Coins available to receive.


2. You can exchange (get) your coins using this command.
Use '/cashback exchange X'  (X = Number of coins you need get).


3. You can check whenever you want how much coins you still have.
Use '/cashback check'


IMPORTANT: All donates from 1st server (x500) will have cashback on next new server (x9999).
All donates on x9999 server will have cashback on new server x50.
All donates on x50 server will have cashback on next server (we dont know the exp yet).
Of course, the donations will be available only once for a cashback, thats why you can exchange just some coins and let others for another server if you wish.
The CashBack is 30% of all coins you paid for in last server (if you donated 100$ and got 39.000 coins, you will receive 30% of it 11.700 coins).

Posted 24 Oct 2020 by action

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